How it all began...


My daughter was born. 

Trump was elected president. 

There's nothing like giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl weeks before Trump was elected to really fuel your feminist fire. I felt like I was already failing as a mother - how could I have brought this innocent soul into this world and THIS was our reality. What have I done? (This may feel a tad-bit dramatic, but ask any new mother and she's shaking her head- nothing is dramatic when it comes to our babies! But I digress).

Between my anguish of the world's new reality and adjusting to life as a first-time mother, our pediatrician was a calming voice. His only instruction to us was to "read to your baby". And we did just that. We read and we read and we read. 

And it was during one of those story times, that an idea was born based on these three simple beliefs. 

1. Words Matters. We all know that girls are more than pretty, cute, and sweet. But how often do the following words roll off our tongue when we describe our girls analytical, fearless, or strong. If as adults we are not changing our vocabulary, how can we expect our children to?

2. Representation Matters. We know that there are so many women who have paved the path (big or small) for which we walk on, yet how often do we really tell their stories.  When was the last time you called LeBron James, the Marie Curie of Basketball?

3. The power of "I am...". No matter how hard and loud I champion for my daughter, nothing will happen if she doesn't truly believe in herself. She will have to witness, she will have to believe , and she will have to embrace the potential that lies within. 

And just like that "A to Z. They're just like me!" was born.

It started as an idea, that turned into a side project, and now its a passion. As mothers, as aunts, as educators, as badass bitches, we have a duty to show the next generation what it really looks like to be a woman who can change the world.